About Arcadia

One simple desire drives our work: to inspire high performance.

What makes us different

Our focus is on shifting existing patterns of behaviour and replacing them with more productive mindsets, beliefs and habits. This results in driving value, efficiency and effectiveness.


Culture by Design. Defined results. In advance. We are not about training or learning; we are about sustainable behavioural change.

Lead With Science
Lead With Science

We use the latest research from the intersection of neuroscience, anthropology and psychology to build creative and impactful solutions.

Architects Of Change
Architects Of Change

Like an architect, we build a blueprint and design for multi-tiered and multi-faceted cultural change and bring in other experts as needed.

Disruptive Mediums
Disruptive Mediums

Arcadia uses disruptive forms of delivery & mediums that help drive results in today’s world with the latest multimedia, applications and eLearning.

Through this programme I feel ready to take on anything! It’s really helped clarify my thinking.

Senior Manager, Utilities Company

Arcadia’s support is key in bringing about the change we need as a business.

Premium Retail Client

The Arcadia intervention helped us join the dots and keep focused on what we were trying to achieve.

Investment Banking Client

We Solve

Lack of Executive Presence or Leadership

Inability to Embrace Change or New Processes

Inconsistent Performance

Cultural Misunderstanding

Poor Morale and Confidence

Staff Retention & Hiring Issues

Poor Presentation Skills

Bad Decision Making

Problem Solving

Risk Management

Under Performance

Poor Customer Service

Our team


Matt Worsdall

Head of Business Development EMEA

Miranda Rupp

Marketing Manager

Andy Wolfe

Co-Founder and Global Partner

Deborah Price

Senior Consultant

Steve Ellis


Jennifer Haddad

Senior Consultant

Andy Patterson

Head of Research and Global Partner

Cheenee Chan-Dela Cruz

Senior Project Manager

Andrew Hughes-Hallett

Co-Founder and Global Partner

Adam Clough

Senior Consultant

Alistair Skellern

Principal Consultant

Kate MacQueen

Client Services Manager, EMEA

Matthew Crome

Senior Consultant

Rosie Thomason

Global Head of Finance

Imran Khan

Senior Project Manager

Elsie Harina

Project Coordinator

James Thomason

Head of IT

Jean Fuller

Resource Manager, EMEA

Millie Burton

Social Media Executive


Dan Spira

Managing Director, North America and Global Partner

Cachet Prescott

Client Director, People Experience

Robert Rosales

Client Director, North America

Clandy Lou Brillantes

Digital Product Manager

Barry Bickel

Principal Consultant

Tiara Sanders

Client Services Manager, North America

Jerome Badiola

Finance Manager


Mark Weston

Head of APAC and Global Partner

Quinn Lo

Operations Director, APAC

Tom Forrest

Senior Consultant

Vincent Romano

Client Director

Mark Albas

Country Head and Global Partner

Vivian Tam

Principal Consultant

Matt Lyon

Head of Consulting and Global Partner

Sharon Chow

Client Services Administrator, APAC