Adopting a Growth Mindset

Kristy Lewis
School of Facilitation Founder

Episode 13

A Growth Mindset is based on a belief that our core qualities can be nurtured, developed and improved upon and that our performance does not measure our future potential.

In this episode, Adam Clough is joined by Kirsty Lewis, founder of the School of Facilitation, to find out what a Growth Mindset means to her and how to develop one. 

Meet Arcadia's Host

Adam Clough, Senior Consultant

Adam is a Senior Sales Consultant at Arcadia Consulting and manages key accounts at both a regional and global level across the business. He has been consulting clients on leadership, sales, mindset and culture for 9 years.

As an experienced business, learning, and employee experience consultant with a demonstrated history of sales and account management, he spends most of his time pitching / presenting to clients, building relationships or designing and executing on business development strategies for himself and the global sales team. 

With over 15 years of professional experience, and having successfully sold and managed blended development solutions, he also trains and mentors junior members of the sales team during their onboarding programme.

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