Leading from Love

Stanley Nyoni

Sustainability and Leadership Advisor

Episode 6

In the early stages of the ‘change curve’ people are scared.

There is little information to make them less scared. It results in classic fight or flight responses of ‘denial’, burying our heads in the sand until it goes away or hyper defensiveness, skeptically challenging everything. In this Episode, Deborah Price is joined by Sustainability and Leadership Advisor, Stanley Nyoni to explain why now is not the time to leave anyone isolated or excluded.

Meet Arcadia's Host

Deborah Price, Senior Consultant

Deborah’s focus is on leadership development and communication excellence. Deborah has a passion for personal development and loves working with clients to enable them to increase their self-awareness, embed behavioural change & develop an open, flexible mindset resulting in better, more sustainable performance. Drawing on her business expertise, Deborah is a focused and passionate coach and trainer, with a clear understanding of the challenges facing leaders today. Her interactive approach inspires others to unlock their potential and achieve exceptional business results. She has a collaborative approach and a direct, informative communication style.​

Deborah has experience working with executives of all levels, including C-suite, from a range of industries internationally. Deborah started her career as an in-house lawyer in the music industry, specialising in contract and IP law, working with and in teams of all sizes through periods of stability and growth as well as periods of great uncertainty and challenge. She made a major change in career in her mid 30’s and ran her own consulting business for 10 years before joining Arcadia. ​

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