The Importance of Wellness and Wellbeing

Jane Smart

Leadership Development, Trainer, Coach, Speaker

Episode 8

Crucial to our response to change is the need for self-care.

Change is a journey of trials, challenges and setbacks. It requires us to be at our strongest mentally and physically. In this episode, Mark Albas is joined by Jane Smart to explain why leaders need to enable their colleagues to access the necessary physical and mental health support.

Meet Arcadia's Host

Mark Albas, Country Head and Global Partner

Mark comes with extensive experience in the areas of law, banking, business, media and change management. He is a global partner of ARCADIA Architects of Change. He has worked in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. His experience allows him to quickly understand and relate to clients and the issues they face. Mark has a particular interest in facilitating the development of individual and group potential, from both personal and financial perspectives. He is a master coach and works with senior leaders and teams to step into more authentic and inclusive leadership.​

​Whether it be interviewing the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, meditating with the Dalai Lama or walking the road to Santiago, Mark has an interesting story to tell and a creative solution for your people and business. Prior to joining Arcadia, Mark worked with a wide array of organisations: as client director for a global training consultancy, in television presenting and advertising, as a corporate lawyer specialising in banking and finance and in various capacities for the Canadian Prime Minister and Governor General.​

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