The Neuroscience of Change

Andy Patterson

Head of Research and Global Partner

Episode 3

When disruption happens in our lives, such as a big change, we can find it difficult to let go of old habits which can result in low self-esteem, poor performance and negative outcomes. In this episode, Dan Spira is joined by Arcadia’s Neuroscientist and Global Partner Andy Patterson to discuss the neuroscience behind developing the new behaviors that change demands.

Meet Arcadia's Host

Dan Spira, Managing Director, North America and Global Partner

Dan Spira is Partner for Arcadia Consulting in the USA and leads the firm’s North American practice. He is an instructional designer, consultant, coach and facilitator who helps executives and business unit leaders diagnose, design, implement and measure solutions for revenue growth and organizational effectiveness.

Dan has a depth of experience in succeeding across multiple business silos and a solid foundation in enterprise-level competencies including leadership, sales, IT, finance, reporting, auditing, contracts, licensing, and governance. 

In addition to his diagnostic and design work, Dan is an experienced trainer and group facilitator who has delivered workshops to thousands of participants across a wide range of functional roles and leadership levels. Dan is a master trainer with extensive train-the-trainer (TTT) experience, with a passion for driving consistency, quality, and regional nuance in global curriculum deployments. 

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