The Neuroscience of Relationships

Andy Patterson

Head of Research and Global Partner

Episode 4

A relationship is an implicit memory that governs our response system to an individual or groups of individuals.

It allows us to communicate faster, more precisely and more effectively with them. But what happens when that relationship is poor or even non-existent? In this episode Miranda Rupp is joined by Arcadia’s Neuroscientist and Global Partner Andy Patterson to discuss how varying strengths of relationships between leaders and their team can affect a team’s response to change.

Meet Arcadia's Host

Miranda Rupp, Marketing Manager

Miranda is Arcadia Consulting’s Head of Marketing, with responsibility for developing and executing Arcadia’s global marketing strategy, delivering relevant client driven campaigns and marketing collateral to meet evolving client needs. She ensures Arcadia’s brand message is strong and consistent through digital and traditional marketing methods, building strong relationships and coordinating an aligned approach to strengthening brand awareness and visibility.

With her degree and background in Engineering and industrial experience in the Engineering Industry at a global construction company, Miranda has sustained a passion for technology innovations and how these can support and compliment Arcadia’s content surrounding the neuroscience behind change, culture, and mindset. She has also thrived from helping transform Arcadia with the modernization and digitalization of key platforms, focusing on delivering an enhanced customer experience. 

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