Thriving Under Pressure

Dr Cory Middleton
High Performance Coach

Episode 14

Having a Peak Performance Mindset and Mental Toughness is about utilising the pressure of the change to perform even better than had there been no pressure.

In this episode, Steve Ellis is joined by Dr Cory Middleton who has explored the characteristics of these peak performers to understand what sets them apart and how they develop their mental fortitude alongside their technical expertise, bringing mind and skill together to perform at their best and thrive under pressure when it matters the most.

Meet Arcadia's Host

Steve Ellis, Partner

Steve is a Partner at Arcadia Consulting and leads the EMEA business development and coaching teams. He has been consulting clients on leadership, culture, mindset and sales for 20 years.

Steve delivers key note speeches, facilitation, hosting and 1:1 coaching for audiences of all levels and sizes from senior executive to graduates and specialises in leadership, leadership strategy execution, developing mindsets and cultures and sales transformation.

His passion is for creating values for businesses, customers and employees alike. He is passionately curious and a student of neuroscience, social anthropology, behavioural economics and positive psychology.

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