Understanding the Growth Mindset

Matt Worsdall

Head of Business Development EMEA

Episode 12

As individuals and teams get past the initial shock of change and beyond the resilient ‘coping’ phase we look to them to build new responses, adopt new behaviours, innovate and create new value and better results.

This demands a fundamental belief in a growth mindset. In this episode, Cachet Prescott is joined by Matt Worsdall to explain why leaders need to promote a culture of learning, experimentation, innovation and continuous improvement. 

Meet Arcadia's Host

Cachet Prescott, Client Director, People Experience

Organizational Development practitioner, Cachet Prescott is passionate about the human side of business and the workplace, and her zone of genius lies in her ability to inspire and leverage the power of connection to create space for understanding and sustained change in the workplace. A trained social scientist and a double certified HR professional, Cachet’s work seamlessly marries her interests in personal growth, interpersonal relations and business to explore and navigate the human experience we call work. With expertise in workplace psychology, communication and leadership development, Cachet is committed to helping individuals and organizations shift thoughts, perspectives, actions, words and habits to close the culture gap and thrive.

Cachet is an undergraduate Psychology faculty member for Purdue University Global. She’s also the creator and host of All Things (Un)learned, a podcast exploring unlearning as a powerful means to personal growth, transformation and well-being.

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