Wellness and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Cachet Prescott

Client Director, People Experience

Episode 9

Change is difficult to execute if the team are suffering or absent.

In this episode, Robert Rosales is joined by Cachet Prescott to discuss how leaders can support their team’s wellbeing, have those much-needed open conversations and facilitate the appropriate actions.

Meet Arcadia's Host

Robert Rosales, Client Director, North America

Robert Rosales helps professionals enhance their executive communication,  leadership, and customer-facing skills. As a coach, he works with individuals and groups across the world. In addition, he designs and delivers high-impact leadership development and corporate training programs, especially in Finance, Consumer Goods, and Professional Services. He is recognized as a catalyst for positive and practical talent development solutions that help business leaders thrive. 

For over 20 years, Robert was a wealth manager in Geneva, New York, Zurich, and Latin America. During this time, he honed his communication and advising skills with the most demanding clients. He leverages his commercial experience with extensive education in behavioral science. His focus is on the application of science-based leadership practices to the workplace. 

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