Learning and Development Trends


Uncover and leverage timely L&D insights to excel in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

As Architects of Change, we continually search to identify new, important trends in the world of work.

This year, organizations have faced tremendous change. The adjustment to post-pandemic ways of working continues to bring challenges and opportunities. The increasing presence and influence of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace is both exciting and unnerving. Challenging economic headwinds mean that the value of non-revenue generating activity, such as Learning and Development, is increasingly scrutinized.

Here we present an overview of these trends to help L&D professionals better understand and navigate the evolving L&D landscape.

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Key Themes

Building and nurturing culture is crucial yet many organizations fall short.

More needs to be done to measure the return on investment of L&D.​

A mixture of L&D training modes is preferable to maximize value.

Skills necessary for success are changing; L&D needs to adapt accordingly.

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