Assessments & Psychometrics


Some of the many benefits of using an assessment tool prior to a learning engagement are:

-  Self awareness​ of strengths within a team

-   Reiteration of important messages​

-   Increased likelihood of change​

-   Links between business outcomes & behaviour​

-   Performance improvement​

-   The opportunity to re-test and prove return on investment​


We have strategic partnerships with the following assessment solutions. Please enquire for further details.


Zenger Folkman Extraordinary Leader 360° Assessment & De-Brief Workshop


Featuring a fresh, data-driven approach to leadership development, The Extraordinary Leader 360° assessment is proven and practical. It features instruments, tools, and development approaches that increase leadership effectiveness and deliver positive organisational results. This 360 tool looks at individual strengths, organisational needs and passions to direct individual development plans.

The Assessment

The Extraordinary Leader 360° by Zenger Folkman, is built around 19 differentiating competencies, clustered into five core groups or tent poles as they are referred to. Each of the poles needs to be strengthened to ensure maximum leadership impact.

The assessment focuses on discovering individual strengths and therefore creating development plans for dramatically improved results. Only weaknesses that have the potential to derail the development of the strengths are identified and worked into the individual’s plan.

Leaders are benchmarked against an external database of 30,000+ senior level executives worldwide for each competency, giving a bigger perspective to their skills.

The Workshop

Following the assessment, our experienced facilitators will take participants through 2 virtual workshops in which the report will be explained in detail. They will receive their individual reports during the session and work on their individual development plans. An additional group report can also be provided for a team overview and action plan to be created.

For more details on how the Extraordinary Leader programme can work for your organisation, get in touch with our team here.



Fortius-Mindset Mental Toughness Self-Assessment


Resilience is about bouncing back. Mental Toughness is about thriving, growing and being confident under pressure and through change. In light of the current response to COVID-19 and in advance of any future ‘change’, individuals and leaders need to build and rebuild their mental toughness.

Following extensive resilience research into 70 years of data from the military, sporting world and business world, Dr Cory Middleton highlighted four areas that characterise the patterns of thinking (or mindset) of elite performers, from all fields of human endeavour:

The research also showed that mental strength is not innate. Through awareness and the deployment of easily-accessible individual strategies, each of these four areas can be developed to build greater levels of Mental Toughness.

When applied to the business environment, these four attributes make up the Fortius-Mindset Framework.

The process starts with an individual assessment, out of which comes a detailed individual report.

The Fortius-Mindset Assessment is designed to:

The report is debriefed individually by our experienced facilitators and aligned to current business goals.

For more details on how the Fortius-Mindset assessment can work for your organisation, get in touch with our team here. 



Prophet Team Assessment Tool


The purpose of this psychometric tool is to provide personal insight to help individuals manage their behaviour to achieve greater results on their own and provide teams with an understanding of each other’s business preferences to maximise performance. ​

For individuals it includes an Analysis of Business Motivations, Decision-making Styles, Inclinations towards critical business activities and a Heat Map of Role preferences against a typical business cycle. For a team, it provides immediate and valuable insights into shared preferences and blind spots. It gives recommendations to enhance performance and optional exercises to support strategy implementation.​

Prophet helps executives understand the impact of their business preferences, how to maximise these and when to act differently and build relationships with people who are different. Raises awareness of the team’s natural predispositions towards business activities, develops alignment and deepens understanding of how everyone can contribute.​

During the 1:1 sessions and team review of the group report, each report is aimed at helping individuals and teams increase levels of performance. From a team perspective, it looks at how to harness the mix of talents and experience and understand their collective preferences and potential blind spots, and what this means in alignment to the group’s objectives.​

For more details on how the Prophet assessment can work for your organisation, get in touch with our team here.