Transform Information into
Insight using Data Visualization

Develop high-performing teams by embodying the leadership mindset

There’s a lot to keep up with in the rapidly-changing business landscape, and data visualization makes communication more efficient. It gives a clearer picture of the situation, accelerates decision-making processes, and adds a persuasive tone to your message. After all, people are visual learners first, auditory second.

Develop your people’s data visualization skills so they can transform data into a compelling, actionable message. Our world-class instructors can tailor a specific program for your leaders to master data visualization, with teachings like:

Applying storytelling principles to improve data presentations

Designing graphics that resonate with the audience

Visually communicating key messages

Best practices for business impact

Add meaning to numbers by storytelling with data

The mindset difference between how people approach numbers and stories influences how they respond to your message. Figures are only meaningful when you make them relatable. And relatable stories inspire listeners to take action.

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Of listeners remember the story

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Of listeners remember a single statistic

Sources: PRSA 2018.
Learn how to use captivating content to inspire action. Our data-driven storytelling classes teach your people to bind figures, graphics, and storytelling principles to make a story that resonates.

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