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With the advent of COVID-19, certainties have been trashed and replaced with a myriad of unknowns. Whilst all of the generational cohorts’ lives have been changed, for Gen Z it has been on an almost unprecedented scale. For most, formal education is disrupted and exams for which they have been straining to succeed in have been cancelled. For those who did well the celebration of success isn’t happening, and neither are rites of passage into the adult world, as school proms and 18-year-old birthday parties are banned. Even for those with jobs, mortgage deposits are now prohibitive and a gap year travelling has become a fictional concept. For many even going up to University has become a virtual experience from their parents’ house. Add to this the doubling of unemployment statistics for under 25-year olds, and the picture does indeed at face value look bleak.

For Gen Z, COVID-19 has devastated dreams, optimism, life plans and prospects on a scale not seen since the world wars of the last century. Unlike a world war however there is no cause for which they are fighting.

As an organisation with a passion for architecting cultural phenomena, Arcadia believes that there is an unprecedented opportunity to unlock the potential of Gen Z. Potentially left unchecked these events will lead to massive social disfunction, but above all it would be a missed opportunity and a waste of hugely talented resources.

As a community of performance coaches, we work with organisations on a daily basis, encouraging people to realise their own potential, teaching key skills for enhanced communication and offering personal leadership strategies to develop and maintain a positive mindset. From our experience, these life skills are often not provided in schools and colleges; given we are well placed to do so, we feel it is our responsibility to make this training available to an audience of 18-25 year, who need it the most right now.

We have therefore made it our mission, through The Big Idea initiative, to ignite and inspire this demographic of people by offering an ongoing schedule of free to access virtual workshops hosted by experienced facilitators within a supportive and inspirational environment.

As the lead sponsor of this campaign, Arcadia is putting forward their time and resources to build and drive this initiative and with the assistance of other key partnerships, will influence as much of the target audience as possible on an ongoing basis.

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