Master the Art of Data Driven Storytelling

Virtual Workshop with Joe Goddard on Effective Data Driven Storytelling

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Do you want to become a better communicator and influencer by the way you present data? 

Data insights can inform decision-making, but communicating them to stakeholders with diverse backgrounds can be daunting. One way to overcome this challenge is to tell stories with graphics that resonate with the audience and visualize key messages, making your insights more accessible and compelling to a wider range of stakeholders.

Join us for a complimentary 60-minute taster workshop where you will:

  • Learn how to use critical thinking to analyze data in an efficient and objective manner
  • Identify common pitfalls and cognitive biases in data analysis
  • Analyze patterns in data using visualization and analytical techniques
  • Learn how to distill data to communicate business impacts effectively

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Meet the Speaker

Joe Goddard, Senior Consultant

Joe is a Leadership and Performance Consultant for large banks and investment firms, global media companies and tech giants who want to help their leaders navigate through adversity and challenge. He supports organizations of all sizes and cultures to develop growth mindsets, communication skills and EQ to drive results.

With over 15 years of experience working in various multinational organizations across SEA, Europe and South Africa, Joe’s expertise lies in Communication, Strategy and Consultative Sales. He leverages his analytical approach to understanding business goals and team dynamics, while also having a sharp eye for micro nuances to help align teams with leaders effectively through change. 

“The mindset difference between how people approach numbers and stories influences how they respond to your message. “

Figures are only meaningful when you make them relatable. And relatable stories inspire listeners to take action.

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Sources: PRSA 2018.
Joe Goddard, Senior Consultant at Arcadia Consulting will take you through ways to improve your skills in delivering the essence of data and its insights to executives, management, and other stakeholders in the most impactful way possible.

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