Winning One-Pager

How to Create a Winning One-Pager.

This event is now only available in a small group taster session format.

In an era of ever-shortening attention spans and increased speed of decision-making, senior-level audiences are increasingly relying on — and expecting — high-quality executive summaries and visual aids to guide their conversations.

Join us for a 60-minute virtual event where you will enhance your ability to:

  • Steer the executive-level conversation towards insight and action
  • Eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak
  • Be brief but ensure clarity
  • Identify and articulate the most important ideas in a document or presentation
  • Compose the page layout in a manner that captives and focuses the readers

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"Eliminate the unnecessary, so that the necessary may speak."

Think of the one-pager as what’s commonly called an elevator speech. The name suggests that your message should be powerful and should be able to deliver in the time span of an elevator ride.   

An effective one-pager quickly orients the reader to the value of your business, whether the reader is a customer, investor, potential partner, etc. 

Its overarching benefit is that it provides the clear, concise, benefits-driven communication that people desire when learning about a business.

Arcadia’s Global Partner & Head of Consulting, Matt Lyon, will deliver this inspirational session and discover with you the art and science of creating a “Winning One-Pager”

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