Supercharge Blended Learning with Virtual Reality (VR)

This event is now only available in a small group taster session format.

A 2019 study on blended learning found that where human interaction was present in a blended workplace learning program, it was reported to be linked with more active behavioral engagement, higher cognitive engagement and stronger and more positive emotional engagement than where human interaction was absent.

Join us for a complimentary 90-minute Lunch and Learn session where Steve Ellis will:

  • Apply VR to the topic of mindset, exploring the concept of mindset, and how to harness the power of playing from a 10.
  • Invite you to test your mindset and ‘Walk the Plank’ in a high intensity VR experience.
  • Demonstrate how VR technology can be integrated within an immersive blended learner journey.
  • Explore Arcadia’s latest VR capabilities.

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Virtual Reality Capabilities and Learning

Arcadia’s virtual reality (VR) offering allows for a more immersive and personalized form of learning, ranging from off-the-shelf scenarios to custom-made experiences tailored to your needs. Try it for yourself at our Lunch and Learn!

Did you know?

A PwC study revealed that VR learners were 4x faster to train than in the classroom, 3.75x more emotionally connected to content, 275% more confident to apply what they learned, and 4x more focused than e-learners.

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Next Level Engagement

Muscle Memory

Time Efficiencies

Scalable Deployment

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