Develop your leaders’ executive presence to reach organizational goals faster

Master the self first, then develop executive presence

Executive presence is often described as having confidence and grace under fire. Though difficult to put into words, it’s easy to acknowledge from a distance. Leaders who embody this forges a stronger influence over others individual contributors, senior executives, stakeholders, and clients alike.

To gain confidence and expand this aura of personal power, your leaders have to turn inwards.

Our experts will guide them in this unique introspective journey, introducing them to new knowledge such as, but not limited to:

Mastering personal expertise
Assertiveness as a personality
Familiarizing the body language
Mobilizing inner emotions
Enhancing cross-cultural communication ability

Command leadership presence that promotes trust and builds rapport

Inspirational leaders exude executive presence in both verbal and nonverbal ways. They lean into their strengths, listen to their teams, and adjust their communication styles accordingly. 

When leaders master gravitas, they rise above and lift everyone with them.

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Of HR professionals believe that executive presence increase organizational performance

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Of High-Performing Organizations develop their leaders’ executive presence

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Of the respondents believe that executive presence inspires action in line with company culture

Sources: BetterUp 2021

Executive presence is a learnable skill

Every leader in your organization has different personalities, leadership styles, communication styles, and personal beliefs. Each organization’s situation is unique, which is why our executive presence workshops are tailored exclusively for your people.

We understand that leaders have different strengths, and even the best ones may still feel nervous, anxious and apprehensive when talking to an audience. To address this, our workshops are crafted based on proven methods from psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience. Our experts will guide your leaders in evaluating how they perceive themselves, and using this as leverage in developing their executive presence.

Let’s start this process by a rapid diagnostics on your current communication challenge.

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