Guiding First-Time Managers
Towards Success

Transitioning from individual contributors to managers for the first time demands new skills

The managerial promotion creates a shift in authority, group dynamics, and self-identity. Once individual contributors move up the ladder and walk into the office with their new role, they immediately face their first challenge: how do you manage your former peers?

Arcadia’s high-impact classes inspire confidence in every first-time manager and equip them with the necessary skills to function effectively, including:

0 %
of first-time managers fail within the first 24 months
0 /3
people in workforce report to new managers
0 %
of new managers don’t undergo any training

Setting the stepping stones for first-time managers to grow as capable leaders

The first 100 days of first-time managers in their new role consist of going back and forth between managing and leading. If the scale tips towards the former, their leadership is bound to undergo challenges.

First-time managers cover most of the leaders’ population in your organization. They may have a proven track record for their individual contributions, there’s still a lot to learn in the leadership aspect. Change can be daunting, but if every first-time manager receives the support they need, imagine how different these figures would be.

Experience our comprehensive, highly personalized, and immersive programs for first-time managers

Each of our programs starts with rapid diagnostics. From here, we design a custom research-backed class that bridges the gap between your organization’s current and desired state of leadership.

Accomplished instructors from select industries handle these classes, effectively helping hundreds of promoted individual contributors to solidify their new identities as managers.

Though each class is different, here’s an overview of what your first-time managers will learn:

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