Fortius-Mindset Mental Toughness Self-Assessment

Resilience is about bouncing back. Mental Toughness is about thriving, growing and being confident under pressure and through change. In light of the current response to COVID-19 and in advance of any future ‘change’, individuals and leaders need to build and rebuild their mental toughness.

Following extensive resilience research into 70 years of data from the military, sporting world and business world, Dr Cory Middleton highlighted four areas that characterise the patterns of thinking (or mindset) of elite performers, from all fields of human endeavour:

The research also showed that mental strength is not innate. Through awareness and the deployment of easily-accessible individual strategies, each of these four areas can be developed to build greater levels of Mental Toughness. When applied to the business environment, these four attributes make up the Fortius-Mindset Framework.

The process starts with an individual assessment, out of which comes a detailed individual report.

The Fortius-Mindset Assessment is designed to:

The report is debriefed individually by our experienced facilitators and aligned to current business goals.

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