From Clueless to Fearless: A Mom’s Rise to Leadership

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Carla Quiatchon

Project Manager

A 10-year journey of Carla Quiatchon, Project Manager at Arcadia.

Into the Unknown


I entered the corporate world at a young age. 

I had no idea what I was doing back then, clueless of what was happening inside an office. All I know is that I must get a permanent job. 

But life had other plans—before I even got the contract as a permanent employee, I discovered that I was pregnant.

The pressure intensified. I was under huge pressure of getting regularized to that first job that I was not doing good enough and at the same time, I was carrying a child. 

After a few months, the training was over, and I passed! 

After a few months, I gave birth to my son. All this happened really fast. 

The challenge is not over though, I had to face something more difficult. I had to raise my son alone at the age of 19, at the age when most of my peers were still enjoying the carefree youth.

Balancing Motherhood and Ambition

I was questioning everything. I did not understand where my life was going. Until one day, something had taken all my fears and doubts. 

I need to stand up for myself and for my son. I had to believe in myself again that I am a strong woman. 

My first corporate office became my second home. Some workmates even became my second family. I promised myself to take all the opportunities that I could have in this company. I need to bank on my skills because I cannot be jobless. 

It was more than 8 years before I had the courage to discover opportunities outside this second home. 

Empathy and Growth at Arcadia

When Arcadia opened its doors for me, I carried my story like a cherished treasure into that interview room. Arcadia and their people, with their discerning eyes, saw beyond my résumé—they glimpsed the fire within me. They accepted me, embraced me, believing in my potential.

For me, this change was not easy. Leaving behind my comfort zone—the familiar walls of my second home—I stepped into uncharted territory. The company that had honed me for eight years now lay in my wake.

I told myself that I must try something new, another skill that I can deposit to my experience bank. I was ready to embrace change.

Arcadia became more than an employer; it became my compass. Arcadia gives me a whole new level of understanding of the workplace and the work itself. I am only in my second year with Arcadia, and I can brag about how much learning I gained not only as a Project Manager, but also as a contributor to the company.

Here at Arcadia, the workplace wasn’t just about tasks and deadlines; it was about people. The threads of empathy wove through every interaction, creating a tapestry of genuine connection. I felt valued—not just as a Project Manager, but as a vital person in the company’s heartbeat.  Arcadia makes me feel that I am a contributor to the success of the company. They value my hard work and most importantly, believe in my potential. I am excited to contribute more and celebrate more success with the Arcadia people. I am proud to be part of this family!


A Journey of Inspiration

I finally understand why I needed my son at that early stage of my life. Why I had to go through all those challenges. It hit me like a sunbeam breaking through clouds: he was my catalyst. His tiny fingers pushed me forward, urging me to be better, to reach higher. If he did not come into my life, I would not have an inspiration to always push myself to be better…To be determined in achieving more.

So, fellow travellers, remember this: inspiration isn’t a fleeting muse; it’s a flame that burns within. It whispers, “You can,” when the world shouts, “You can’t.” It’s the wind beneath your wings, propelling you toward uncharted skies.

All we need is inspiration to always move forward. An inspiration that will always remind you to believe in yourself. An inspiration to keep us going. I hope you all find your inspiration in life. Find it, hold it close, and let it light your path.

May your life be a canvas painted with inspiration—a masterpiece of courage, resilience, and unwavering belief. Happy International Women’s Month to all strong woman out there!

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