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Virtual Series - Leading Change

Virtual Series - Leading Change

In the current global climate, change has currently been imposed upon all of us, therefore leaders at all levels are having to firstly manage their own personal response to this, as well as shepherd their teams through this change to maintain morale, inspire productivity, whilst keeping people’s best interests at heart throughout.

This Arcadia Consulting virtual series aims to provide leaders with the tools and techniques to lead themselves and others through change, but then will take them one step further. We’ll then provide them with a set of strategies to lead and drive change both as a leader and with their teams.

This series is founded on the latest research in the fields of neuroscience, behavioural conics, positive psychology and social anthropology. It will include both rational and emotional elements for leaders to tap into and implement, to use during a crisis and or when they return to ‘normal’, so they can become architects of their own change agenda.

Part 1. Leading through Imposed Change

When nobody asked for the change it can be difficult to navigate through it. 4 x 60 minute sessions designed to provide leaders with the resources needed to navigate change with control, confidence and clarity.

1. Staying Calm in a Crisis

How do we make sure we don’t ‘lose our head’? When our brain becomes overwhelmed by the change and what the change means for ourselves, teams, families, clients and communities we can revert to a fight, flight or freeze response and struggle to lead others around us with the necessary care and clarity. This session looks a practical strategies to manage perspective, maintain a focus on what matters and what we can control and to filter the news, conjecture and information input around the change so that the brains of everyone are not overwhelmed even further by distortion.

2. Bulletproof Resilience

When it comes to peak performance in business, it’s clear that mentally tough people have the advantage. Something about their mindset allows them to continue to deliver exceptional results while others suffer the adverse effects of stress and pressure, both externally and internally. Change comes with pressure and set backs. Developing a resilient mindset is an essential skill in today’s volatile and challenging business environment and world. During this session, we’ll offer practical insight as to how leaders can drive exceptional performance through developing Mental Resilience in themselves, their teams, and their organisations.

3. Lead with EQ: Connection, Care, Community

Imposed change can make others feel unsafe, anxious and overwhelmed. Leaders need to lead with EQ as well as IQ. Unbiased connection to and across teams moves them from isolation to belonging. Leading with care makes colleagues feel safe. With some or all the members of a team working separately currently, it’s all-too-easy to get disconnected from the normal rhythms of work life. Creating, enforcing and supporting rhythms in virtual teams are one of the many roles of leaders during such change. During this session, we’ll explain how you can lay the foundation to provide a superior support network to your team virtual both during and after a crisis.

4. Lead with Clarity: Disciplined Productivity & Performance

In a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) change situation clarity is key. When the team is ‘lost’ decision making falters. Leaders need to have and communicate with clarity. Creating new and productive ‘rituals’ and structure to the team's activities, a disciplined focus and action plans provide the team with certainty, belief and confidence. Continued confidence stems from witnessing and sustaining momentum. Creating clear and visible measures creates a sense of value, contribution and motivation. Clear direction, clear actions, clear results.

Part 2. Leading and Driving Change

Leaders have a responsibility to identify and drive change within a company, but in difficult conditions, their ability and willingness to do so may atrophy. The biggest trap they can fall into is that of a bias for reaction in lieu of action. 4 x 60 minute sessions designed to provide leaders with the resources needed to drive and innovate change.

1. Leading Your Vision

Envisioning – A vision that engages others is rarely just a number or outcome. A great vision has a purpose or reason for all stakeholders and a values based journey so that people know what it will be like achieving it. Leaders need to develop a reason or ‘why’ for change and a reason or ‘why’ the new vision will be worth it. Being able to build and articulate a compelling vision for change with meaning and purpose is crucial (Dan Pink). Converting that vision into a meaningful strategy and meaningful action is what energises teams. This session provides a path and set of actions for leaders to develop their own compelling case for change.

2. Leading & Motivating Others

What motivates people? - People are energised by a meaningful direction, self-belief and desire for change, having the tools / skills and plan for change, and then the reward for doing a good job. How you build a happy workforce and introduce leadership behaviours to inspire and motivate your team will go a long way to delivering a powerful change narrative from both the hearts and minds of people.

3. Enabling Accountability & Action

Launching change is more than a communications campaign, it’s a cultural and behavioural shift that help us build capability development and how the business holds people accountable. Is it embedded in Performance Management? Does everything in your organisation support the launch? Have the team been given the tools and resources to pivot to the new way of working? Leaders do need to ‘make it easy’ for the team to deliver the strategy. They also need to create an empowered and accountable culture without blame or a fixed ‘victim’ mindset when faced with set backs or failure. 

4. Sustaining Momentum

Following a launch of and initial execution of any initiative, we’ve all been guilty of moving onto the next project or event and hoping that the momentum will sustain the development and embed the strategy. Leaders need to drive continuous improvement and energy to ensure the value creation is realised and grown. The session looks closely at visibility of leadership and results, sharing best practice and failures and how to maintain energy and motivation in team. Sometimes change is a marathon and not a ‘sprint’.

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