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Rebuilding The World's Confidence

Rebuilding The World's Confidence

How do organisations move from Covid-19 crisis management and resilience to a culture of laser-like focus and confidence? Business innovation, transformation and performance demands confident employees.

Rebuilding confidence has become THE leadership challenge.

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Rebuilding The World's Confidence


Confidence across the globe has been shattered.

Certainties have been trashed and replaced with a myriad of unknowns. Citizens and employees are “punch drunk” from being impacted by events imposed upon them.

As ‘back to a new normal’ begins to take shape leaders must focus not only on new systems and ways of working but also on their people and rebuilding their confidence.  Confidence to act, make decisions, take risks and move forward. 

The recovery from the Pandemic needs leaders to ‘Rebuild the World’s Confidence’.

Beyond ‘recovery’ or the idea of rescuing team members it should also be recognised that there is enormous potential, talent and technological innovation that can be realised.  Talent needs confidence to create performance.

We have identified 5 key areas that leaders need to address in ensuring that their employees not only rebound to previous performance levels but move on to higher performance levels with restored confidence:


1.  Rally the employees around your purpose and goals


2.  Find your focus and identity in the multiverse


3.  Sponsor Wellbeing, Mental Toughness and Resilience


4.  Create optimism and belief in the future


5.  Be inclusive


There is a plethora of advice from the trusted sources of insight. From McKinsey to Deloitte there is strikingly similar advice on the road to Rapid Revenue Recovery. The IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) in collaboration with Oxford Economics published a report1 recommending leaders focus on:


Strategy and company policies that support remote and distributed work, with specific guidance and rules in place

A clear vision of how culture and management systems are expressed and balanced in a remote setting

A culture that applies the underlying principles of agility across all aspects of the business, enabled by strong digital communication methods, tools, and ways of working

Flexible design of both physical and digital workspaces, and workflows that encourages a collaborative culture, rapidly adaptable to change—and as effective in a remote, distributed manner as in a co-located environment

An accelerated online, personalised skills and development strategy for employees to adapt to new needs and reshaped business

A renewed vision of talent sourcing, and how work gets done in a remote environment where all resources are now equidistant and accessible digitally, such as job sharing, crowd-sourcing and distributed talent sourcing

An innovation mindset that takes the opportunity to step back and assess where work could be reimagined, refined, or rededicated.


What is missing is leading people.  People have already had their belief systems shaken.  Any of the above new systems and processes need renewed confidence.

The IBM IBV acknowledge “Communication is key. Be aware that what leaders think they’re communicating isn’t always being perceived the way they intend. Our research shows that 74 percent of executives say they are currently helping their employees learn to work in new ways, yet only a third of surveyed employees said the same: a 36-point gap. Clearly, we need to build feedback loops into all interactions”.

Rebuilding the worlds confidence is THE Leadership challenge.

We have scraped the world of research and identified 5 critical leadership challenges and themes that will need attention.  Here we share those themes and guidance on the steps leaders can take.


1 Beyond the Great Lockdown: Emerging stronger to a different normal COVID-19 Action Guide for Executives – IBM Institute for Business Values


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