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The Mindset Advantage for Leading Change

The Mindset Advantage for Leading Change

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1.  Change is a journey that demands specific mindset leadership

2.  Leaders need to target the team with the right solution at the right time

3.  Staff engagement and wellbeing demands it

4.  Business performance demands it


Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic many individuals and organisations have recognised the need for mindset, mental health and resilience support. 

Most of this demand was placed at the door of HR and leaders. The field of mindset and mental health support is relatively new and awash with mixed language and solutions. 

This paper looks to help to put structure and definition to the ambiguity in the market and help leaders to target the right solutions at the right time during the change curve response. The ‘change curve’ comes from the work of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (On Death and Dying, 1969) and was adapted for organisational and social change. The curve explores the thinking and feeling journey that people go through as a response to change:


 Change Curve


When change is imposed or received by people not involved in the design of change, humans will go through this change curve response.

Mindset solutions are intended to flatten the curve and accelerate people through it but this only works if the mindset solutions are delivered at the right time along the curve.

This paper explores 6 different types of mindset development and support:

1. Leadership and Team Care

2. Wellness and Wellbeing

3. Resilience

4. Growth Mindset

5. Thriving Under Pressure 

6. High Performing Teams Mindset

The paper also looks at the stage of anticipation before change has occurred.

The anticipation or dread in that moment between the old and the new needs to be managed just as much as the mindset response to the change once it is announced. Leading and managing the unknown transition between past and future is critical in setting the future up for success and for leadership credibility.

Throughout the change process ALL of these mindset solutions are in demand and required by leaders and employees alike. However, what we see is that we need to specifically ‘dial up’ specific mindset support at specific times as the teams are:


etetet v2


 Click here to read and download the full paper


We are hosting a free dynamic webinar on Wednesday 12th May 2021 to discuss the 7 distinct mindset solutions that leaders need to instil when leading the team through change.

Get the mindset wrong or deliver them in the wrong order and you’ll lose the team and lose the change. Get it right and you will have The Mindset Advantage.

Along with Arcadia Consulting leaders, we will open up the conversation and invite you to contribute your thoughts and questions as we work through the leadership challenge.

We are running the same event twice to enable various regions to participate.

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We look forward to investing in the conversation and solution with you.


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