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6th May Webinar: Developing Relationships in a Virtual Setting

6th May Webinar: Developing Relationships in a Virtual Setting

Wed. 6th May | 2.30pm – 4pm | Zoom

An Invitation-only masterclass on building trust and rapport whilst working remotely led by Joanne Ford, Principal Consultant, Arcadia Consulting.

Developing Relationships in a Virtual Setting

Even under normal working conditions, cultivating positive and trusting relationships in a varied cultural landscape is both a challenge and a priority. In the current environment where everyone is working remotely, it becomes even more difficult to establish rapport and develop trust – a bedrock of any high performing team.

In this session Joanne Ford will introduce some leading-edge research, tools and frameworks that encourage connection and how you can build stronger relationships in a virtual setting. The workshop is for a small group to enable maximum interaction and engagement.

  • Identify the challenges and opportunities of building relationships remotely
  • Learn strategies which encourage trust and connection


About Joanne Ford: Joanne Ford is passionate about the psychology of change, and drives business performance through effective communication, strong leadership and sustainable behavioural change. Her extensive experience working with international teams informs her insight into the nuances of culture and language that impact effective communication..

To attend the workshop or for further details email tom.forrest@arcadiaconsulting.com or call +852 5507 6602