Enhancing learning with upfront topic driven self-assessment surveys.

Executive Presence/ Presentation Skills

This survey is a tool that allows you to evaluate your presentation skills. It comes with a report that reflects your score relative to our data benchmark.

Presentation Skills Peer Evaluation

This is a great tool to develop the skills in providing constructive feedback while learning about your own performance.

Emotional Intelligence

EQ survey is a self-assessment tool that will help you recognize your emotional levels according to the 4 emotional quadrants.

Communication Styles

This tool will help you identify your level of communication style under the four quadrants: Expressive, Amiable, Driver and Analytical.

Growth Mindset

Derived from Carol Dweck’s study, it has been widely practiced in different fields. Even legal leaders used the survey to understand and improve their level of competence.

Grit and Resilience

This tool will help you measure your ability to cope, persevere and bounce back from stressful situations effectively.

Strengths Self-Reflection

This survey is a great self-reflection exercise. It is important in understanding oneself and one’s workplace performance.

Team Trust

This survey will measure how well an individual trusts his/her team. It gives a sense of how the team and its members perform.

Virtual Rituals

It measures your effectiveness as a remote worker in terms of your focus, connection and relationship with your remote team.

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