Rebuilding The World's Confidence

How do organisations move from crisis management and resilience to a culture of laser-like focus and confidence? Business innovation, transformation and performance demands confident employees. Rebuilding confidence has become THE leadership challenge.

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People need CONFIDENCE to:

Leaders need a new level of people-centric empathy to deeply understand how change is and has affected their team members. They will need to focus on driving performance but to do so, a far greater emphasis is required on the rebuilding of the team psyche, identity, wellbeing, optimism, engagement, and inclusion, driving towards focussed and meaningful goals.

Talent needs confidence to create performance. It should be recognised that there is enormous potential, talent and technological innovation that can be realised.

We have dived into the research, from McKinsey, Deloitte, IBM Institute of Business, Zenger Folkman, Edelman Trust and more. We have interrogated the data, corroborated the insight and have identified 5 key areas that leaders need to address in ensuring that their employees not only rebound to previous performance levels but move on to higher performance levels with restored confidence.

1. Rally the employees around your purpose and goals

2. Enable focus and identity in the multiverse

3. Sponsor and lead on Wellbeing, Resilience and Mental Toughness

4. Create optimism and belief in the future

6. Be inclusive, empathic and caring

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As your employees adapt to ‘new ways of working’ you will find insightful answers to ‘how do leaders execute for results and change’.

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