Who Do They Think You Are?

The leadership challenge of building a relevant organisational, team and personal brand that is congruent internally and externally and meets the changing needs of stakeholders.

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What people think of you, your organisation and your product matters.

The wall between internal and external brand has been knocked down. Failure to fulfill brand promises internally or externally are no longer accepter. Congruence between the internal and external brand is key.

Expectations of companies and their brand promises are rising. With that comes opportunities. An opportunity to stand for something and own the agenda of solving societal issues competently and ethically.

Leaders must align on what the business promises are and action them. In doing so, they can build a personal and business brand that has the sustainable advantage over its competitors.

Commitment to a brand happens when the external communication meets the employee perception.

According to Forbes, “Fewer than 50 percent of employees believe in their company’s brand idea, and even less are actually equipped to deliver on it.”

Companies make promises on behalf of their employees. The best way to make sure those promises are kept is by aligning your external brand with your internal brand. Your internal brand should give employees the tools, resources, and motivation to deliver on your external brand’s promise.

1. Why who do they think you are matters

2. The rise of brand integrity threat in the digital age

3. Brand expectations and staying relevant

4. Brand promises and the need for internal and external congruence

5. Building and leading your brand

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