Transitioning To Arcadia: Retiring Madison Consulting

A Story of Seizing Opportunity When It Knocks

Nuala Carrington Fisher

Nuala Carrington Fisher

Principal Consultant

Jackie Advani

Jackie Advani

Principal Consultant

Nuala Fisher and Jackie Advani, now principal consultants at Arcadia Consulting, sat down with us to discuss what led them to make the decision to join the Architects of Change. We spoke about their experience running The Madison Consulting Group and what led to their decision to join Arcadia. 

Arcadia: Can you share a bit about your journeys and the pivotal moments that led you to this point? 

Nuala & Jackie: 18 years ago, we started our journey with Madison, but were in quite different roles then. During our time with Madison, we became more ingrained in the client experience and worked closely with our core team of facilitators to build strong client partnerships.
Fast forward 13 years, the opportunity to run Madison as co-presidents and with our own vision presented itself. We decided to take it. Unfortunately, our vision didn’t include Covid–that meant shifting how we interacted with our clients. This redirection from in-person to virtual opened a new landscape in L&D and it became clear that, for us to continue supporting our clients, we needed more technology, resources, and research.
They say the universe works in mysterious ways, and it does. Dan Spira, who had previously done consulting work for Madison took a chance and reached out to ask if we were looking to make a change. As a result of that conversation, we happily joined Arcadia as of January 1st, 2024. 

Arcadia: As you take on new roles as principal consultants at Arcadia, what core values drive your decisions?

Jackie & Nuala: Our decisions have always been driven by our desire to strengthen workforces, improve performance, and enhance engagement. When collaborating with clients to design a workshop, we kept all of these in mind. We go into every engagement believing talent can be developed and leveraged and that learners are able to take control of their learning, opening the floor to great discussions and outcomes.

Arcadia: What aspects of Arcadia’s mission and culture resonate with you personally?

Nuala & Jackie: Culture is especially important to us and was a key factor in making the decision to make the move to Arcadia. From our first meeting with a few of the partners, we saw how aligned the culture is to what Madison had built over 20 years. Our culture was one of trust, empowerment, and family. We feel at home here and we look forward to what lies ahead for all of us.

Arcadia: Looking ahead, what excites you most about joining Arcadia?

Jackie & Nuala: All of it! There are so many opportunities for personal and professional growth. We are looking forward to pooling our resources, expertise, and content. This will result in a richer learning experience for clients. Working together, we can create innovative approaches and solutions keeping us ahead of the ever-evolving field of consulting and L&D.

This statement serves to clarify that there is no merger between The Madison Consulting Group and Arcadia Consulting.The Madison Consulting Group is closing its operations independently, and only its team members are joining Arcadia Consulting. Any suggestions or implications of a merger are inaccurate. Both entities remain separate and distinct.

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