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Empower your people through Blended Learning solutions

Arcadia’s virtual reality offering allows for a more immersive and personalised form of learning. Not only does it improve participant engagement, VR works as an excellent tool for driving new signup to open enrolment programmes.

We can facilitate VR experiences in conjunction with existing workshops or as stand-alone programmes depending on what solution fits best.

VR Keynotes & Events

VR Assessments

VR Workshop Breakouts

VR Desktop E-Learning

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faster to train than in a classroom

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more confident to apply what they learned

0 x

more focused than e-learners

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more emotionally connected to the content.

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Arcadia's Virtual Reality (VR) Capability

High Intensity

We use a series of high intensity VR experiences which are designed to test critical aspects of the trainee’s mindset through an engaging practical exercise. Run in conjunction with an Arcadia workshop or keynote, this immersive experience allows the trainee to put new strategies into practice immediately. Try short experiences like ‘The Plank’, ‘Shark Cage’, ‘The Climb’.


Take on an interactive learning-based scenario to gain new skills in active listening, psychological safety, or presenting to name a few. Receive real time feedback and learn new behaviours through repeated practice away from interruption and social embarrassment. To view the full list of scenarios, follow the link to the Talespin Catalogue.


Build tailored immersive learning programs proven to deliver more impactful upskilling and reskilling. Learning experiences simulate conversational role play with virtual team members specific to your company and help accelerate learning making learners more confident, increasing knowledge and providing real-time skills development feedback and analytics.

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An Example VR Blended Learner Journey

VR Role Play Experience
Half Day (F2F)
Virtual Reality Assessment

Take on realistic real-world business scenarios in the safety of VR to test critical soft skills, gain feedback and identify improvement areas.

Arcadia Workshop
Half Day (F2F)
Debrief & Practical Workshop

Explore your feedback in a group debrief and receive practical strategies through a facilitator lead workshop which can be applied to your everyday work life.

VR Role Play Practice
Practice & Embed Virtual Reality

Access the VR Assessment remotely through your desktop or laptop to continually practice and embed your newly acquired skills.

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