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Dive into the fascinating world of storytelling. Explore the captivating methodology that has the power to transform organizations, inspire change, and weave a strategic narrative that brings your vision to life. 

Storytelling: A Transformative Tool.

From Aesop’s ancient fables, through Shakespeare’s spellbinding plays, to transformative Ted Talks, storytelling has always been a powerful tool for conveying critical lessons and guiding behavioral change.

Engaging, inspiring and effecting sustainable behavioral change across your entire organization through a powerful and creative story isn’t just a whimsical idea, it’s a proven methodology that can revolutionize the way we influence transformation. What’s even more exciting is that “the story” can be represented in a variety of ways: through film, poetry, sculpture, a song… the limit is your imagination!

By weaving together compelling stories, you can shape the way people connect with the future of the organization with the same power, excitement and memorability of a bestselling book or Hollywood blockbuster.

Why Storytelling Matters

After working in partnership with Arcadia to implement Story Creation our clients saw…

Developed cohesion and togetherness through greatly enhanced understanding of vision, values, and strategy using story creation.

10% increase in the quality of senior management interventions with employees, both in quality of attention and listening to feedback.

The programme helped create an additional business contribution of £9m for the division, doubling in EBITDA after two years on its three-year trajectory.

A higher level of confidence and real pride in engaging with all key stakeholders and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

A positive trust-based company culture, where there is an expectation of winning  and a supportive structure in place to make it happen.

Revenue and Operational Contribution

Our methodology accelerates cohesion and understanding. This drives effectiveness throughout every stage of client and internal engagement, resulting in…

Savings - Supporting businesses in transformation targeting between $5-100 million in savings.

Revenue Generation – Uplifting deal generation from £25 million to £110 million per annum for one business unit.

Share Price Increase

Our clients gained a stronger financial position as a result of the improvements in business operations and profitability. In addition, the power of storytelling extends beyond one-time gains. Our approach leads to effective communication of the unique value proposition, a sustainable increase in high-value deals, more streamlined decision-making, and long-term efficiencies and savings.

These observations underscore the transformative power of a co-created, carefully crafted narrative, showcasing its ability to drive change and generate enduring, beneficial outcomes. We don’t just help our clients create their Story for transformation but also help them walk it successfully.

Our Methodology: Why It Works.

As thought leaders in the field of transformative human experience, we have explored the science behind why storytelling is such a compelling tool. When we are exposed to storytelling and vivid language, areas of the brain responsible for transcribing actual things that happen to us “light up.”

This means that human brains are wired to respond to narratives; they allow us to empathize, understand, and remember information better. With this understanding, we have built a transformative methodology that uses storytelling as the primary mechanism for leading change.

Our methodology takes your organization on an epic “change journey,” where we focus not just on the destination, but also on every twist and turn along the way, every moment of tension and triumph, and the emotional connection we build with everyone in your organization — making them not just conformists, but true advocates of change.

Our Unique Value Proposition Elements.

1)   People Strategy and Applied Story Design:

Well-crafted stories (corporate narratives) have the power to define organizational culture, drive sustainable behavior change, and guide the organization toward its strategic objectives. 

With our experienced and dedicated strategic consultants, story writers, psychologists, facilitators, instructional designers, and creative specialists,   we turn what might seem a daunting task of developing a story into a collaborative and seamless co-creation process.

This co-creation process enables us to weave a compelling narrative that frames your transformation, making it a visionary adventure everyone can relate to.

2)    People Creative Media and Production:

We help you in cultivating the factors — Capability, Opportunity, and Motivation — that will encourage everyone in the organization to align their behaviors with the strategic narrative through inspiring creative experiences.  This deep emotional connection and alignment with the story enables a behavior change that’s not only effective but also sustainable.

3)   Instructional Experience and Dynamic Facilitation:

We co-create three different journeys with you: for your leaders, your people, and the program. The journeys focus on the strengths and competencies required to   set everyone up for a successful transformation.  The design of these journeys is guided by the same strategic narrative – once again, creating alignment and forging an unforgettable bond between the story and the audience.

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