Zenger Folkman Extraordinary Leader 360° Assessment

Featuring a fresh, data-driven approach to leadership development, The Extraordinary Leader 360° assessment is proven and practical. It features instruments, tools, and development approaches that increase leadership effectiveness and deliver positive organizational results. This 360 tool looks at individual strengths, organizational needs and passions to direct individual development plans.


The Extraordinary Leader 360° by Zenger Folkman, is built around 19 differentiating competencies, clustered into five core groups or tent poles as they are referred to. Each of the poles needs to be strengthened to ensure maximum leadership impact.

The assessment focuses on discovering individual strengths and therefore creating development plans for dramatically improved results. Only weaknesses that have the potential to derail the development of the strengths are identified and worked into the individual’s plan.

Leaders are benchmarked against an external database of 30,000+ senior level executives worldwide for each competency, giving a bigger perspective to their skills.


Following the assessment, our experienced facilitators will take participants through 2 virtual workshops in which the report will be explained in detail. They will receive their individual reports during the session and work on their individual development plans. An additional group report can also be provided for a team overview and action plan to be created.

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